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"Ward Recycling was created in February 2002 and began life as a 3rd party contractor with a small kerbside recycling operation in the North East."

"The work ethic of Ward Recycling and client commitment resulted in further work being awarded working as a 3rd party contractor to Palm Recycling Limited. During the following 5 – 6 yrs the previous trends were repeated time after time with W.R.L developing a cost effective attitude with a service that always exceeded expectation."


Kerbside and Bringbank Collection

"Today, Ward Recycling Limited operate bringbank collection services nationwide, various styles of kerbside collections nationwide, dry recycling sorting and various styles and types of recycling collections as a 3rd party contractor."

"Our Glass Beneficiation Plant in the North East became operable in September 2012. For further information on the plant and our glass based products click here.

If you require further information relating to any of the services we provide or wish to discuss your requirements then please click here to contact us."